Marble : Use a recommended proprietary marble cleaner on a soft lint free cloth to keep your planter clean and dust free.

Granite : Use a recommended proprietary cleaner on a soft lint free cloth to keep your planter clean and dust free. Alternatively, use a mild solution of dish soap and water and dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.

Never use a household cleaner on your planters, they may have acidic properties which react negatively to marble and granite.

Wood : If your planter has a wood surround it has been coated with OSMO UV protection oil. Recoat with this or another type of nourishing oil, as and when, you feel it needs it. 

If you have chosen a tumbled stone planter, flick over the surface of the stone with a clean dry paintbrush or feather duster to remove dust and debris from the surface.

Please Note:

  • The planters are not designed to site directly in water.
  • Put a couple of inches of loose stone in the bottom before you put soil in and do not over water.
  • Please do not run your hands over the inside of the planters or allow children to handle them.
  • Some stone types have small porous holes in the surface and also deep within. This is perfectly natural.
  • The cork base on the indoor planers is there to protect your floors once they are in situ. Please do not drag the planter across any surface expecting the cork base to provide protection or withstand this kind of man handling.
  • Always lift your planter from the bottom, never from the top edges.
  • Please ask us if you are unsure of anything. We are happy to help.